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The first Reentry 2030 State has officially signed on!

Reentry 2030 is uniting leaders across the country—at the state and local levels and across justice, workforce, health, and housing sectors—around a bold goal: successful reintegration for every person with a criminal record.

Our goal is that all 50 states will sign on to Reentry 2030, committing to designing and implementing an ambitious plan to:

1. Scale up access to stable housing, education, employment skills training, behavioral health treatment, health care, and other supports for people with criminal records;

2. Clear away unnecessary barriers to opportunities and economic mobility; and

3. Advance racial equity by using data to understand and address disparities in access to services, quality of services, and outcomes.

To achieve their Reentry 2030 plan, each will commit to: (1) bringing together a diverse team of stakeholders, (2) establish public goals and milestones—such as increasing employment rates at three months post-release by 40 percent or removing all mandatory barriers to occupational licensing, and (3) track and share progress.

To support the state teams and sustain momentum, Reentry 2030 will provide guidance on policy actions, technical assistance on best practices, a national convening, and other resources and events that highlight the strategies states are undertaking to achieve their goals.

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Missouri: The First Reentry 2030 State

Wednesday, April 19, 2023


Missouri has signed on as the first Reentry 2030 State! In partnership with The Council of State Governments Justice Center and the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs’ Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Missouri Department of Corrections plans to work with public and private partners to support incarcerated people in finding and maintaining employment upon release.   

Their goals include the following: 

  • 100 percent of incarcerated Missourians who need career services receive them. 
  • 85 percent of incarcerated Missourians are employed within 30 days of release. 
  • 80 percent of formerly incarcerated Missourians maintain their employment for at least nine months after release. 

At the launch event, the Missouri Department of Corrections and other state and local agencies and community organizations committed to partnering to drive the success of this initiative. Attendees heard from two people with lived experience in the criminal justice system who spoke about the importance of the support they received upon reentering their communities.  

“I’m so excited that we’re to the point of reimagining reentry instead of continuing what we always have done. We’re challenging the status quo. I’m so proud of the support in Missouri to make our communities better.”  Anne Precythe, director of the Missouri Department of Corrections

Governor Mike Parson was also in attendance and offered his support for Reentry 2030.  

“We’ve become the first state to initiate this—to say we care, and we’re really going to make a difference.” Governor Mike Parson